Pieces Of The Past


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All pieces can be custom made.  You can also choose from our sample photos or products currently in stock.

Colonial Corner Hutch Welch Cupboard Pop Hutch

Primitive Two Piece Hutch

Streibech Hutch

Two Piece Special Design Hutch

Two Piece Open Top Hutch (bigger)

Two Piece Open Top Hutch (smaller)

Two Piece, Six Drawers/Doors Hutch

Two Piece Tall Hutch w/Glass Doors

Two Piece, Six Drawers, Glass Doors 

Two Piece w/Mullion Glass Doors

French Sideboard

Hunt Table with drawers and shelf

Hunt Table w/Drawers, Shelf w/Queen Ann Style Legs

Hunt Table with Turned Legs & Backsplash

Sideboard w/Drawers & Doors

Sideboard w/Gallery Backing

Sideboard w/Drawers & Panel Doors

Sideboard w/Backsplash, Base Trim, Drawers, & Panel Doors 

Snack Bar w/Curved Shelf

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